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Recent Study

I've always had an interest in technology and a love of all things marketing. In July 2020, I took some time out of the workforce and embarked on a study around both. 

Here are just a couple of the courses I have completed. 

Get into Tech Bootcamp - 4 Weeks


Run by INCO Academy Australia


  • Learn WordPress, HTML and CSS and use skills to build a personal website

  • Develop a marketing strategy and perform market research

  • Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and apply it to a website

  • Make a style guide for a website and get feedback from mentors and peers


  • Develop interview skills relevant to the tech industry

  • Gain networking experience through conversations with INCO mentors: professionals from web development, digital marketing and design backgrounds

  • Learn to become a more confident and persuasive communicator

  • Learn and practice teamwork in the Australian tech industry setting

Mini MBA in Marketing - 3 Months

ADMA Mini MBA.jpg

Run by ADMA Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising

  • Market Orientation - Concept of brand / Brand building / Brands & consumers

  • Market Research - Research design / Qualitative methods / Quantitative methods

  • Segmentation - Market mapping / Demographics / Firmographics

  • Targeting - Strategic decisions / Mass marketing / Target segment

  • Positioning - Brand position / Articulation / Disruptive execution

  • Marketing Strategy - What is strategy? / Strategy vs tactics / Zero-based budgeting

  • Product Development - Product diversification / NPS / Usability testing / Co-branding

  • Distribution - Direct and indirect / Channel conflict / Retail price

  • Pricing - Price thermometer / Four levels of profitability / Volume

  • Integrated Marketing - Communications The S curve / Profitability matrix / Price setting

  • Brand - Brand equity / Brand management / Brand health

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